Registration/Information Form - The Registration/Information form must remain on file in the church office for anyone (all ages) who is traveling with FBC or participating in any off-campus activities. It must be renewed annually (August). While traveling, trip coordinators will carry a copy of every participant's form in case of emergency.

Liability/Media Release Form - The Liability/Media Release form is to be completed with each new off-campus trip/event. Since it is a liability release it must bear the name and date of the event, name of the participant and a signature from an adult participant or parent/guardian for participating minors. In some cases this form must be notarized. You will be notified in advance of the event if a notary seal and signature is required. No minor should ever sign this form.

Employment Application - Each person who desires paid employment, whether temporary, part-time, or full-time, must submit a completed First Tullahoma Employment Application to the church office. The application requires past employment history, a list of references and permission to conduct background checks.

Volunteer Application - Each person who desires to volunteer to work with minors age 18 and under must submit a completed Volunteer Application to the church office. Those included are: VBS workers, Small Wonders/Wonder Kids volunteers, Sunday School teachers, AWANA leaders, children's choir leaders, nursery/preschool volunteers, small group/discipleship leaders, trip chaperones/drivers, etc. The application requires three references and permission to conduct background checks.

*** Anyone interested in reviewing our "FBC Tullahoma Risk Management Policy" or "Minimizing The Risk Procedural Handbook" may contact the church office.



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